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Independent LifeWave Distributors


Yummp were initially engaged to create a simple website for WavePatch to present LifeWave products. The website was designed to be a platform for clients to find practitioners working with LifeWave Energy Patches and Nutritional Products within an international network. Since the website was launched, Yummp has also worked with WavePatch to develop marketing materials such as flyers, distributor tools and other useful resources.

Year of Project: 2012

About WavePatch

WavePatch is a network of independent distributors for LifeWave's products. The WavePatch network focuses on creating sales material and distributor tools to help the network expand and reach further. WavePatch has a few registered practitioner's that are authorized to use LifeWave's products in health care and treatments.

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The logo

The WavePatch logo was designed by Yummp to compliment the existing LifeWave brand identity and logo. Our designers chose to keep the typography all in lower case for a softer more approachable look and feel, and to break up the words using colors rather than spacing and capitilzation. The water element was added as a realistic and calming feature of the logo that also mimics the flow of the curve in the LifeWave logo.

The Website

Interactive web design elements and motion to highlight the unique LifeWave product range

The Homepage

Yummp built and designed a single page website for WavePatch that functioned as a talking point for distributors when they were meeting prospective clients. The simplicity of the single page design made content clear and easy for distributors to present and for clients to understand. The website was also built to ensure that viewers could navigate it without any problems even if they were exploring it by themselves.

Interactive design and motion elements

Yummp design and programming teams worked closely together on this project to create interactive features to fully showcase the LifeWave products. These motions were designed to be self explanatory for users to engage with without the need for pop-up instructions. Experience for yourself.

Printed Material

Yummp also created a range of printed material for WavePatch including business cards, magazine, information sheets, roll-ups and posters.

Business Cards
Product Magazine
Product Information Sheets
Roll-ups for Events
Sports Poster
Statement Posters