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A new brand, a new website, and a new step further.


Led by Dr. Pernille Knudtzon (MD), Vitafakta Health Clinic works with cutting edge medicine for improved health and quality of life. Although Vitafakta was already a well established business in the healthcare industry, they were missing a unified brand identity and strong online presence, which is where Yummp came on board. Working closely together with Dr. Knudtzon, Yummp helped Vitafakta take the big leap into marketing, design and even business expansion.

About Vitafakta

Vitafakta Health Clinic was originally built around blood analysis, acupuncture and general medicine. Their previous brand identity was based around their colours of red and black to signify blood and a serious approach to medicine. Through the years, Vitafakta has evolved and become more focused on holistic health through a more balanced lifestyle, new health technology, and clarity for the mind and body.

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The new logo design

Yummp were briefed to incorporate several elements in the Vitafakta logo re-design:

1. Medical symbol of a snake on a staff
2. An acupuncture needle
3. The Ying Yang symbol

A fresh and energetic green color was employed to reflect Vitafakta's shift towards being a holistic health and lifestyle brand.

Infographic Guide | Poster

Vitafakta has always pushed the message ‘Take care of your small fish’, as a metaphor and symbol for every individual’s health at Vitafakta. In order to help clients better understand the meaning behind the goldfish in the fish bowl, Yummp designed an infographic poster to explain the concept behind this phrase.

Magazine Advertisement

As the goldfish became a symbol for Vitafakta Health Clinic, Yummp brought it front and centre in a magazine advertisement for the business’ health workshops.

Business Card Design

Yummp was also responsible for Vitafakta’s business card refresh, combining the new logo and brand identity with the goldfish as a talking point with potential clients.


Following the huge success of Vitafakta’s health workshops and retreats, Yummp was called upon to help design branded merchandise including t-shirts, shakers, bags, and medicine bags. Work is still in progress. Come back later to see more images of the final products.


Yummp designed a folder to hold reports, magazines and flyer material for clients when they leave the clinic. This is a really convenient way for clients to collect all materials from Vitafakta in one place. The folder is designed with a "lock" feature and is closed on all sides to ensure that the important content they hold does not accidentally fall out.

Inside the folders

Inside the folders you can find valuable information about the approach and services of Vitafakta, as well the "7 steps to a healthier life" created by Dr. Pernille Knudtzon.

Roll Ups

As Vitafakta hosts and participates in many events, lectures and workshops, it was important for them to have large scale printed material to display at these events. Yummp designed Roll Ups to show quick and clear information about Vitafakta’s services.

Website Design

Yummp created a brand new website for Vitafakta with a fresh, simple yet informative approach. It took user experience to a whole new level compared to the limitations from their previous website. Through the new website, Dr. Pernille Knudtzon was easily able to release and publish articles about better and healthier living. Have a look at

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Newsletter Design

Yummp is exclusively building and managing all newsletter campaigns for Vitafakta Health Clinic. Here are a few examples of the designs. The initial newsletter template was based around the website design to keep consistency.

Medical Thermography

Vitafakta further extended their clinic with a department for Medical Thermography. As a contrast to the fresh green color of the Vitafakta brand, we took a different approach that was inspired by the main concept of Medical Thermography. Yummp created a custom design for this department based on the dark blue color of the scan and the secondary colors of the contrasting elements.

Vitathermo Logo

Yummp created a custom logo for the Medical Thermography Department.

The Medical Thermography flyer design

Custom vector graphics based on "Thermography" were created to make two flyers for breast screening and full body scanning.

The Medical Thermography flyer design

We designed a square flyer as an eye-catching symmetrical format to showcase the custom graphics and content.