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Raw Attitude

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After BioCasa Fuengirola rebuilt their store to include the Raw Attitude Juice Bar, Yummp was asked to design a cute and funny comic to be displayed at the storefront to draw attention and attract foot traffic into the shop. This task led to Raw Attitude asking for help with a complete new website solution for their company, which has become one of the most unique websites we've ever built at Yummp.

About Raw Attitude

Raw Attitude Juice Bar is a new franchise business developed by BioCasa. The idea behind Raw Attitude is to create juices and smoothies based on purely natural and organic ingredients that have been supplied by local farmers. Their vision is to support local organic farmers and help bring tasteful and nutrient rich juices and snacks to every person looking for a healthier lifestyle. It is also possible to join a juicing program with five juices a day delivered to your door. So now there’s no excuse for being too lazy to be healthy!

Juice Happens - The Comic

Yummp was asked to design a comic featuring two cute characters turning a lonely experience into a heartwarming encounter. When designing the comic, the characters came to life quite quickly and the story followed closely behind. The brief was for the comic to be simple and easily understood, without any text and without being too visually detailed. For this reason, the comic strip we developed had to clearly tell a story that people walking by the store would immediately understand.

The Comic

The Characters and style of the comic were designed to look like a typical hand drawn/sketched comic strip. Only a few key elements was filled with color, and we chose a water color style in order to maintain a hand made look and feel. Digital painting was used to ensure clarity and correct contrast, it was also used to guarantee that the color settings for printing in CMYK were met as expected.

The Web Design

The Raw Attitude website is one of our showcase builds. Our team worked tirelessly to deliver a unique website UI/UX experience and design, and we are very proud of the results.

The Website

Yummp was asked to create a new web experience that would make navigating and exploring the Raw Attitude juice programs exciting. The Yummp team came up with the idea of having floating elements representing each juicing program interact with the way the user moves the cursor on the screen. We wanted to deliver a fun and engaging experience that would also give the user a sense of quality and what type of energy goes in to making these custom programs.

The initial design sketches were based around the main idea of the juicing program, but this was later extended with a dedicated franchise section as well a blog feature and contact information. A block-based layout was used with the main navigation module fixed to the left side. To showcase the juicing programs as a complete presentation, we hid the main navigation menu away so as not to distract fro the full screen effect and motion graphics. In addition to the juicing program, blog and franchise information, Raw Attitude also wanted to display a list of Superfoods which had to be presented in a fun but informative manner. To achieve this, we designed a custom grid with a tile layout to show all the superfoods in randomized order each time a visitor viewed the page. This way we managed to create a dynamic experience for the user and also made it seem like a “new” experience every time they refreshed or revisited the page.

Interactive design and motion elements

To highlight the vitality of the Raw Attitude juice program, we programmed and designed some fun motion graphics into the website. When viewers move their cursor over the website, floating elements such as fruits and vegetables move around on the screen, giving visitors a unique experience instead of a flat 2D visual.