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Piffz appointed Yummp as their lead creative agency to handle branding, logo design, website design, eCommerce platform optimization, promotional and packaging design. Not only does the Yummp team handle overall brand design for Piffz, they also act as a partner for the publishing side of the business, responsible for the book cover designs and print layouts.

Year of Project: 2015

About Piffz

Piffz is a publishing company that produces a books and stories from a wide range of genres. Although children's books are a very large part of the publisher's product line, the company is also interested in cook books, educational material for children, and also novels for the adults.


As a partner agency for Piffz, Yummp has been there for the brand from the very beginning to help start-up the company from a branding perspective and to also consult on print publishing practices.

The Logo

Yummp designed a simple and classic logo to represent the wide range of genres and publishing sources that Piffz stands for. Shaped as a open book with a capital P mirrored on both sides, the logo is informative and at the same time maintains a clean and minimalist design.

The Logo - (Kids Version)

To compliment the development of the Minichef App series by Piffz, another iteration of the logo was created, designed to be a child’s scribbled version.

On the Web

Yummp created and programmed a custom ordering page for schools to purchase the education material available from Piffz. We also built a custom online store solution for the company to sell their books online.

Landing Page

Yummp designed a custom landing page for schools in Denmark to order sets of Piffz educational materials.

The Webstore

Piffz already had an active e-commerce store, however, they wanted to update the layout of the site. Yummp helped to enhance their online store by customizing a few features, optimizing the UI/UX and re-designing elements on the existing site.

You can visit the Piffz eStore here (Danish).

Newsletter Design

To promote the release of a new set of school books by Piffz, Yummp designed a beautiful newsletter to describe the material, display pricing, and also explain the concept behind the school books.

The Printed Material

As an exclusive partner to Piffz, Yummp is in charge of book setup and layout, cover design, and works as the connection point between printing suppliers and the publishing company.

Book setup

Here are a few example of books that Yummp has led in the design, layout and setup process. The scope of work for Yummp includes cover design, book size specifications, die-cutting, binding, concept and more. The Yummp design team was in charge of managing illustrations for some of the books and Yummp designers also created all illustrations for the "20 små lydrette historier" book.

The books can all be found on Amazon

Promotional Design

To launch the "Dit tal er din skæbne" series, Yummp designed flyers, posters and more materials for the book stores to display to promote the series.


Yummp designed a custom shipping box for Piffz. The box was designed to be printed on a single sheet of card board and easy to assemble without the use of glue, cutting tools, or extra hands (quite a simple approach actually). By cutting the box template in the right way, the box remains very solid and compact and is able to be wrapped tightly around the content to prevent damage from the books moving around inside the box.

As part of the design, we made sure it was possible to fold the box to have the logo monogram pattern across the top of the box, while the sides feature the website domain. In this way the team created a branded, stylish and functional box.