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My life my book

The most personal way to tell your story.


Carol Irving is a writer who is passionate about sharing the stories of others. Her own journey has seen her take on a variety of roles - as a writer/sub-editor and production editor on several major UK magazine titles, as an EFL/ESOL teacher to students in Spain and the UK, as a Research Assistant for an academic journal in California, as a Spanish tutor helping university students improve their language skills and as a journalist on an English language newspaper in Spain. Combining her experiences as an international educator and writer with her entrepreneurial mindset, Carol has begun the next chapter of her life story with her own business ‘My Life My Book’.

Year of Project: 2016

About My life my book

Inspired by her final university project in 2015 in which she interviewed and documented the challenging experiences of single mother students in higher education, she decided she wanted to dedicate her career to story-telling and as a result, has begun publishing the life stories of ordinary individuals. Carol believes that everyone, no matter how humble, has a story to tell. ‘My Life My Book’ is her own business based on honoring people’s stories and experiences by helping them to write and publish their own memoirs for the loved ones in their lives.


Yummp’s Role

Yummp work closely with Carol for all aspects of branding and design for ‘My Life My Book’, from logo design to website build. However, Yummp’s work extends beyond the traditional role of a creative agency, we work with Carol as a partner for her business and we will be responsible for the layout, publishing and printing of all memoirs written under ‘My Life My Book’.

My Life My Book

Be the main character in your own life's story.
Share the greatest moments in life - with those who matter.

Logo Design

Yummp’s first task for ‘My Life My Book’ was to create a logo from scratch. The brief was open, but the Yummp team understood the concept loud and clear; be the protagonist in your own life story. Based on this, the team set out to create a clean and simple logo that would encapsulate the spirit of the ‘My Life My Book’ vision.

Trial and Error

Fortunately for our clients, the Yummp design team are chronic perfectionists, they will not rest until they are 110% satisfied with their creations. Unfortunately for the trees*, this meant several rounds of logo concepts.

*Yummp always recycles and only uses recycled paper! We love trees!

Going back to the drawing board (or in this case the Adobe Illustrator board)

Eventually we decided it was time for a fresh start, so we cleared our boards and started again, only this time we were armed with a royal idea; a shield and crown to be exact!

The Final Logo

Clean lines, clear typography and a modern interpretation a crown and shield, this is how the final ‘My Life My Book’ logo turned out. It is a timeless representation of the storyteller being the king or queen of their own life story. To achieve this, our design team reinterpreted the traditional shape of a book and transformed it into a shield to accompany the crown.

The Website

As it is for most brands, the website for ‘My Life My Book’ is a very important part of the business; the first point of contact for potential clients and the place people visit to find out more about the project. For this reason, the Yummp team built a minimalist website that showed the project in a simple and easy to understand manner whilst still retaining the elegance of the brand identity. Yummp helped to display and explain the different biography methods employed by ‘My Life My Book’ for potential clients: chronological, themed and customized.


We designed a dynamic scrolling experience for users visiting the ‘My Life My Book’ homepage to create a feeling of nostalgia and to encourage visitors to think about their own life stories.

Printed Material

Yummp also created a range of printed material for ‘My Life My Book’ including unique business cards, flyers and personalized posters.

Business Card

Our design team had a lot of fun with this task and we think it shows! The card is designed to look like a beautiful classic book cover with silver embossing, however, we wanted to instigate curiosity for recipients of the ‘My Life My Book’ business card. This is why it is received as a standard flat business card, with a slight twist (or rather, fold). Curious recipients will notice that they can easily fold the card to create a mini book cover.

Foil Treatment

We used metallic and embossing treatments for the logo on printed materials for a final royal touch.

Poster Design

To accompany the final print production of each personal ‘My Life My Book’ memoir, Yummp also designed personalized posters for each storyteller that feature an image of the protagonist and a direct quote from their own story.