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Bringing tradition to a new generation.


As a freelance partner and consultant, it was important for Knudtzon’s branding and website to be a personal representation. Yummp decided to create a digital vCard in a new and innovative way, rather than simply building a generic website. Yummp were also tasked with creating a unique personal logo and brand design for Knudtzon.

Year of project: 2014

About Knudtzon

FFounder Nikolaj Knudtzon is working as freelance human resources consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. He is a HR Strategic Business Partner with more than 15 years of experience within development and implementation of strategic HR in close cooperation with business and executives.

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The Knot

Through many generations, the Knudtzon family has been using a specific knot to represent their businesses, families, and what tied all of them together across the many aspects of work and geographical location.

A bit of history

The original family crest features a decorated shield accompanied by the name and initials: H. J. Knudtzon (Hans Jørgen Knudtzon)

A more modern design of the same shield was created.

The Knudtzon knot became an important factor and symbol for the different businesses created throughout the generations. Here is an example of a newer version of the symbol.

This was the knot symbol that was used for a business owned by the wife of Nikolaj Knudtzon.

The New Logo

Yummp was briefed to recreate the logo with a modern touch and to reflect new cultures. Although the family has expanded into many more countries and created many different businesses throughout the years, they all remain tied together and connected by the symbol of the Knudtzon knot.

Logo Design

The logo was designed to maintain a 3D layout to symbolise how much the family business has grown and how many places it has reached. A wide range of colors were employed for the redesign, a ‘brave’ new look that was achieved by a careful selection and measurement of colors.

The Colors

A dedicated color palette was designed for the overall business brand identity.

Logo guidelines

Here are a few examples of how and where the logo is used.

Secondary logo

Along with the complete logo that features the full knot, a secondary logo was designed with a typographical focus on the Knudtzon brand name. The intended use of this is only for top placement on business cards and pages such as letter heads.

Business Card

An elegant and simple business card was designed to reflect the simplicity in the company. By implementing the secondary logo, a unique and clear design was easily achieved..


The secondary logo was also used for company stationary and letter heads to achieve a neat and simple look and feel.


A lot of thought went into the invoice design. It was designed to stand out from the others and reflect the quality of the work and tasks performed.

The Website

"Keep it simple. But make it exciting. But stay classy. But not too stiff nor too boring. Find a good balance and... keep it simple." this was the client brief to the Yummp design team for what he wanted for his new website. A completely different approach was used to achieve it, and we believe our team nailed it!

Web Design

A consistency in straight lines, seamless navigation, fascinating animations, fast and responsive elements and easy overview have all given this website a very unique and beautiful result. Check it out at

Website Intro

When visitors arrive to the website, they are greeted by the animated new logo that moves up to reveal the introduction and profile image of Nikolaj Knudtzon.