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Norrbom Marketing reached out to Yummp to create and manage their Swedish magazine En Sueco. In addition to being responsible for the design and layout of En Sueco magazine, Yummp was also asked to manage all content on their three websites for all magazines by Norrbom Marketing along with the newsletter management and publication.

About en_sueco

En Sueco is a monthly magazine targeting the Swedish residents and visitors in Spain. En Sueco is one of the three Scandinavian magazines published by Norrbom Marketing in Spain and has been published since 2010. Norrbom Marketing has been in the magazine publishing business for the past 30 years.

Magazine Design

Yummp’s first job for En Sueco was to handle the article design and also oversee the entire set-up of a complete magazine for production. On top of this, Yummp was also responsible for managing content on all three Norrbom Marketing websites including banners, articles and also managing the digital versions of all magazines.

En Sueco Magazine

To reflect the sunny lifestyle of the Costa Del Sol, the Yummp team designed the magazine covers and content to be light, cool and welcoming.


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En Sueco

Here you can have a look at the complete magazine editions. All of the magazines displayed above are designed by Yummp in collaboration with the journalists and advertisement managers at Norrbom Marketing.

Article Designs

Here are a few of the many article layouts designed by Yummp.