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Deliciouz Secrets

A tasteful design


When Yummp and Deliciouz Secrets started this project, nobody actually knew what it would all lead to. The initial request was for a logo and flyer to be made for their stand at a local Christmas Market, but the creative spirits in us could not resist to take the work further as soon as we were inspired by how yummy the product actually was!

As we designed the logo, we began to develop ideas for website design, packaging, product line branding and an overall finished design for the market stand. Fortunately, the Deliciouz Secrets founder was on board with the plan and was just as excited by the designs as our team.

Year of Project: 2014

About Deliciouz Secrets

Deliciouz Secrets is family run business built from a love of all things sweet. The family participates in an annual Christmas market in Southern Spain, that takes place for only one day a year. Every year, the Deliciouz Secrets team is there to present and sell their creations which they have prepared in the weeks leading up to the market.


The Yummp design team went above and beyond the original request for a single logo design, instead delivering an entire brand identity package and website.

The Logo

The logo was designed to reflect the quality of the products made and to explain the family traditions and background for the original recipes used. A serif typography was employed to evoke a sense of tradition and homeliness, this was accompanied by a tea set to create a warm logo that welcomed viewers to find out more about the brand.


Instead of simply printing the logo on packaging materials, we wanted to achieve a more artisanal and handmade look, which is why we decided to use a custom made wooden block stamp.

Icon Design

A series of hand made icons were designed and used to visually explain the ingredients used in the products as well as illustrate what each chocolate type contained.

On the Web

Yummp created a website for Deliciouz Secrets in the lead up to the Christmas Market so the brand could easily promote their products to new customers.


Due to the small and exclusive range of products, a single page website layout was chosen to follow the simplicity and easy approach and nature of the brand.

From a Cup of Sugar to the Market Stand.

As part of the brand design package, Yummp also designed the packaging and brand guidelines for how the products should be displayed.


As all of the Deliciouz Secrets products are home made, the production and packaging of the products took place in the company’s top secret factory (a.k.a the family living room and kitchen). The Yummp team took their place in the production line and of course, volunteered as the ‘Quality Control’ department… Needless to say, the team spent Christmas in sweet chocolate induced comas.

At the market

Before the actual market, both the Yummp and Deliciouz Secrets teams went through all the preparations and planned the layout and spread for the market stand. Here are a few pictures of how everything ended up looking on the day of the Christmas Market.