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When Yummp and CBDORA started this project, the initial plan was to build a website. But along the process we were given free hands if we could come up with a different company name and tagline as well a different brand and logo. We started out building the first ideas for the new brand, which quickly inspired us with the visuals for the website as well.

Year of Project: 2017


CBDORA™ is a team of professionals, who live and work in Andalusia, Spain. Their daily work is to develop the knowledge about cannabis oil and the benefits in treatment. They provide CBD oils produced organically from seed to product in Spain and all their products are produced by a method of extraction, that secure a high amount of cannabinoids. They provide different products and even offer retreats to enlighten you and teach you how to achieve the benefits from your treatment.

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"CBDORA" is a combination of the CBD and the word "ora" which is spanish for "now". Aside from being chort, visually direct and simple, the meaning of the new brand name was clear.

The Logo

The logo design was made clean, simple and with very slight details, to smoothen the representation of the brand.

Droplet / Logomark

We also designed a droplet that followed the similar design layout as the logo wordmark. This represents the CBD Oil as the foundation of the services and products provided by CBDORA.

Logo design concepts

Once the fooundation for the logo was designed, we introduced a few versions to use the logo. This way, we had created some guidelines for how the logo could be used most properly.

Also as we started the design of the brand, we happened to receive an email introducing the PANTONE® colour of the year 2017, being this amazing

Labels and packaging

Along with the new brand, we redesigned the labels and also came up with designs for packaging of the products to streamline the series and properly frame the CBDORA logo.

Tri-fold flyer design

We designed a flyer to promote the company along with a few of the products and their function.

On the Web

Yummp created a website for CBDORA and brought out a user friendly, simple yet powerful platform - flexible for the future of CBDORA.


The overall design of the website was made very clean, stright, simple and understandable for many. It was important to bring a user friendly experience to the way of purchasing products as well providing the valid information when needed about the CBD concepts and how it works.