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A new design for the Campaya administration panel and a mobile friendly front-end experience.


Campaya got in touch with Yummp with a request for a new design for their administrative platform and also enhance the mobile user experience. It was Campaya’s first upgrade from a pure-desktop experience to an actual mobile responsive layout, and Yummp was tasked with designing the brand’s first venture into the world of mobile UI/UX.

Year of project: 2013

About Campaya

For over 10 years, Campaya has delivered some of the greatest tools for property owners and clients to communicate and rent holiday properties on an international level. One of the key goals for Campaya was to give their property owners complete access and freedom to manage and brand their properties with dedicated landing pages, to feature rich user experiences for clients and to offer advanced price-/booking management.

Property Owner Interface

As an international and self-managed platform for renting holiday properties, Campaya had a dedicated management tool for property owners. However, the brand wanted to take their administration tool to a whole new level. Yummp was asked to design a light, simple, easy and user friendly property owner interface based around the Campaya brand.

The Login Page

Yummp focused on eliminating all unnecessary content from the login page. This was based on putting ourselves in the shoes of the property owner, who should have access to their content and management tools as fast and easy as possible.

Module based administration

Yummp designed a custom grid for the administration platform to include an advanced module based layout. This allows the user the option of completely customizing the layout of their interface for a tailored user experience.

Micro-services in mind

Each module was made to have individual access points and dedicated tools to create a seamless experience for the user and the services accessed. To achieve this, the modules were based on communication with micro-services through dedicated API gateways. This way it would be possible to create live chat between the property owner and client in multiple threads, managing multiple properties at the same time.

Direct access to quotation

From within a conversation with a client, a property owner could directly begin a booking quotation and share it with the client without leaving the page. This made it possible to create a multitasking experience on a simple administration platform.

Mobile friendly front-end

To enhance the experience for the mobile users on the website, Yummp was asked to make a simple upgrade of the current layout to a mobile friendly experience. This was not made to be a complete redesign, but rather a visual optimization of the front end layout.

The new homepage

Yummp designed a small update to the home page to include a front page map, slider and a quick selection of suggested locations to visit. To the right is the mobile friendly updated version of the existing layout. This is how a property page is presented on the iPad.

Fluid-width layout

A quick preview of how search results are listed on different screen sizes.

The mobile friendly experience

A list of visuals was created to explain how the users should navigate and use the new mobile website experience.

A new price calculator

A following project assigned to Yummp was to design a quick update for the price calculator on the Campaya website. The calculator was made to focus on a cleaner design but still correspond to the existing one.