New Office - New Horizons

1st of June 2016 · by Phill Jens Bramsted · office, yummp
Okay, so we recently made a big decision to move our office to a bigger and more central area. Now we all know making a decision, is still a leap away from making it happen, and post-decision, I began to realise that it really isn’t an easy task to find a new location to set up shop. Especially when you take into account the several conditions we had on our ‘must have’ list, and let’s not forget, our burning desire to avoid hefty monthly leasing costs. It took us more than 3 months of office-hunting to find the perfect place to relocate. The good news is, I think we’ve finally found it.
While moving, we were temporarily located at a dinner table. And seemed to make quite a ... Read more

What is Over-Design?

22nd of December 2015 · by Phill Jens Bramsted · design, television, media
I have been working on an article about this before and though there are many examples on how to over-design the most simplest things, I can’t find a more suitable example than one from a more recent event. The 20th of December, 2015, Miss Universe 2015 was LIVE on international TV. More than 4.7 million people from all around the world followed this huge event Live and witnessed not only the most awkward mistake ever in the Miss Universe History, but also probably the biggest over-design mistake ever made. Miss Universe 2015 Steve Harvey went on stage to present the this year’s 2 Runner Ups and Miss Universe 2015. As he announces “Miss Universe 2015 is…….. COLOMBIA!”, the str... Read more

These wonder-stickers gave me Super Powers!

13th of September 2015 · by Phill Jens Bramsted · lifewave, website, development, design
A few years ago I was contacted by a client to make her a new website to brand some patches. Since she is a physiotherapist and training instructor I believed it would have something to do with some sport or similar. I asked her about what she wanted on the site - well she would like a website to display information about a patch. “Just a patch?” - “Yes”… First I was like - really? But soon everything would make much more sense to me. I met a friend of hers, that she was going to start this website with. We spoke back and forth about the content for this page and slowly as I started to program and design the website I realized what kind of patches this was really all about. LifeWa... Read more