Established 1992. Thus the journey began.

A story about a father fascinated by the worlds technology and a son with a creative passion for design and the technological evolution.

The company was originally founded in a little town called Køge in Denmark back in 1992 by the young Dr. C. P. Bramsted. He had an education based on the scientific patterns of sounds behaviour and mastered easily the worlds new technological evolution. He started out by helping local educational institutions integrating to this new technology by registering the institution's collection of litterature in a systemized environment. He also helped local newly established businesses to integrate to the newer technologies.

One day, he was met by one of his clients, that was so amazed with his abilities that he recommended him to extend his business to help bigger companies with these services. Dr. Bramsted saw it as a great opportunity for him as well to study more of this new technology age and to investigate the endless possibilities herein.

He also had a son. A first-born creative child who grew up around this new technology evolution. Dr. Bramsted was often bringing home equipment from his work to study them and solve the problems at home. His son was quite curious and began in an early age to understand the world behind it. He was often included in the work and found it very inspirational.

Several years passed and the son was graduating from high school. Dr. Bramsted was a very proud man and gave his son a job at his company to help him expand. As they worked together, the technology inspired the creativity and the creativity challenged the technology in a way that made them a very unique and strong team. Dr. Bramsted had through the years worked with some of the greatests companies in the world, and as the son came along, the company began to work in new directions with new clients as well.

Through the years, Yummp became a brand and concept known for its technological knowledge and great creativity. And that is what we are today. A simple team creating mighty things.

The Team

Ladies and gentlemen.. We are proud to present to you... *Drums Drumming...* TA DAHH!!! The Yummp Team! This is our team at the office.

Creative Director
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Chief Technician
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Executive Coordinator
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Artist & Designer
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Human Resources
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We are often looking for people to join our team. Currently we are looking for front-end UI/UX designers/developers, so if you are a Javascript ninja and would like to know more, please send us your CV and a message here.

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What our clients say

I was recommended to Contact Yummp to create a web design stating; "They really think out of the box and create what you did not know you needed." It was and still is so true. They have done it twice for me already and more to come.
We had Yummp working as consultants and they had incredible knowledge about all sorts of IT systems and especially self-driven systems. Not only did they solve the issues, but also did they find hidden obstacles that had to be solved. Extremely high quality of work and always on time.
Christian PejstrupIBM
We have been working with Yummp since 2013 and they have designed webpages, business cards, newsletters, presentations, video’s and marketing plans with an unique and surprisingly fresh angle, viewpoint. They are developers always grasping new ideas and transforming into high quality graphics. We are on board and will continue.
Pernille KnudtzonVitafakta Health Clinic